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1972 Mustang Fast back, MACH 1 clone

Status: Sold

Price: Contact Dave

Condition: Very Nice


Description: Ive had the car for 8 years and have done a ton to it.
the paint you see is the paint thats been on it since i bought it.
first i started with a new rear end and slightly smaller gears,
brand new leaf springs to level her off,
new inner shock/ springs, electronic fuel pump, Foose Wheels 4" inch off set on the rear,
front end suspension, new air induction hood ( non functional but very easily done)
and added nitrous oxide for a nice boost.
After a couple years of just booten around i decided to give her a treat and have the engine done.
pulled out and professionally built ( see photos with receipt) to see the specs.
347 stroker with a new 1000 carb and all the fixings 1,400 miles on engine( whole different animal )
but have not put nitrous to it since because it doesn't need it. although its still there for the enthusiast if desired.
B&M ratchet shifter with a bran new electronic ford AOD with 52 miles on it built to the extreme for her pleasure LOL. 373 POSI REAR. this car is ready to go.
i left the nitrous lines and full tank in the car in case her new owner wants to run it, but it is not necessary.
I have a solid 15,000 in the engine, transmission, and wheels not including what i paid for the car and all the suspension, etc.
Oh this car has never been wrecked, and has always been stored in climate controlled bay.
the interior has not been touched but it is starting to show its age a little ( a few stitches in the original seats are spreading and 1 small crack in the drivers door buy the handle, and outside 1 small pencil size dent in the front drivers side panel ( stone chip).
i have a pair of new sail panels in the box, i don't have time to put them in,  Which brings me to the point of sale.
I have a construction company and is growing 5 states away from its origin and don't have time to drive it, or continue upgrading.
if you have any questions please feel free to call @ 716-563-3366.

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